Oh My Goodness!! Where to begin? I swear this Handsome, Sweet puppy was made for me!! We drove over 2 hrs to get him! And I must say I would have driven even further!  I texted and emailed an application to Chelle and she got back to me quick. She even sent me directions too! I told her I have never had a Chihuahua and she helped me to understand the breed and how they need special care and continues to this day to be in contact any time I need her or have a question! Which is Wonderful! I can tell you first hand she LOVES these puppies! She wants them to be treated sweetly and loved there entire lives! I adore this little guy so much! And I will always be Grateful and Love Chelle because I believe God made this puppy for me and he used a Wonderful woman to entrust his first days and weeks of life with! Do I need to say more? Ok....Perfection!! From the Bottom of my heart I Thank You Chelle!!  Sommer and Jacques