Thank you for little Aiden. He is perfect and still itty bitty as described he would be when I bought him. :)   He is excellent quality!  Hope to purchase another from you in near future ! Fully recommend your chihuahuas :)

Keri now has a pack O' chis!  Thanks for the Referral Keri!  7-18-18


It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Chelle Cecil of Highland Hills Chihuahuas.
Our dogs are family members.   It was of great importance to us that our pup began her life with someone who we could trust to take good care of her until we could bring her home.   Chelle did not disappoint! She talked with me for over an hour on the phone the first time I called her to inquire about a pup.   I knew from that point on that she is very knowledgeable about the breed, and that she loves her dogs. She kept us updated with a birth announcement and updates from then until we brought our pup home!   She follows up frequently, asking how our pup is doing.   She is always available if I have questions or need advice, as well.
Rosalita is the perfect pup for our family.   She is healthy, smart, and BEAUTIFUL, but perhaps most importantly, she does very well with our boys, ages 7 and 8.   She plays with them and allows them to hold her and love on her (however awkwardly they hold her at times).   She allows our friends and family to hold her and pet her without growling or nipping, which you know is unusual if you are a lover of this breed like we are!   We don’t have any other pets currently, but Rosie is best buds with my parents’ schnauzer – They are like littermates when they play together.
If you choose to grow your family by adopting from a breeder, I whole-heartedly recommend Highland Hills Chihuahuas!


Dear Chelle,

Thank you so much for doing what you do, your Chihuahuas are top quality! I am so blessed to have found you after the loss of my precious little tiny chi girl “Pixie”. Dolly and Polly Pocket have healed the gaping hole in my heart with their exuberant loving personalities, not to mention their absolute cuteness. I love them so much and am so grateful to you. I look forward to adding another sister from an upcoming litter for Dolly and Polly, they bring me so much joy and happiness ❤️ To any prospective buyers who can offer forever loving homes, I HIGHLY recommend Chelle and her Highland Hills Chihuahuas!!

Jill Z.


Dear Chelle,
If one of my friends tells me about how doubtful she is when looking for a puppy online, I will tell her that “I’m not sure about any other sites you have visited, but you can never go wrong with Chelle at Highland Hills Chihuahua!”. It’s my pleasure to know such a reliable breeder as you, Chelle! From the first call that I asked you about Ghost (we rename him as Bao) to the moment that Bao entered our house, you have been so caring and responsible for the well-being of Bao. You took care of all the clinical stuffs for the dog before he arrived and packed all the necessaries for him before the trip. Working with Chelle is always calm and worry-free because she will show you what you want to see and to know. Thanks to Chelle, Bao can come to us safe and sound. He is extremely healthy and playful. All my family members adore him, even my older dog, Lac, loves him too.
I really appreciate that you have contacted a trustworthy transporter for Bao’s trip. The transporter, Joletta, is wonderfully kind and responsive. She has been pleased to tell us about the pup’s attitude during the trip as well as her positions updates. She also notified me about the date and time punctually.
Overall, I just want to let everyone know that you can always trust Chelle as well as her transporter friends. Thank you very much for delivering such an adorable and pure Chihuahua puppy as Bao to me. It’s so great to have a friend like you!
Stay in touch!
Remy Le
Virginia – Jan 14th 2021.