Thanks to Tammy, Jerry and Ryleigh

for giving Chloe such a great home!!!


Updated picture of Chloe and Ryleigh

We are so happy with our new baby, Zoe!  She is surely the sweetest, smartest little chihuahua I have ever seen.  She went to her pee-pee pad from day one.  She has the greatest personality and is sooo loving.  She weighed 1.5 lbs. at  9 weeks and now at 15 weeks she weighs 1.14.  She is the apple of our eye!  I would recommend Chelle and her puppies to anyone that wants a life-long pet.  Thank you so much, Chelle, for giving our baby her start and life and teaching her to love unconditionally!  Please don't hesitate to buy a puppy from Chelle!

Cindy and Tom Eastin

Columbia, TN

This is the Crowder Family



Hi Chelle!

Well I finally got my camera working! Here is a picture of myself and our sweet baby Lola .  I can't believe it has been about 7 months since purchasing her. She is such an awesome addition to our family and the light of our 4 year old's world,s he is very sweet and patient with him. I just wanted to say thanks for making the transaction so pleasant. I was very nervous about purchasing a puppy through the internet, but after talking with you several times You really put me at ease. Because of all the questions you had for me as well as the fact you were willing to take her back if she was not fit for our family, I knew you really cared about where your puppies ended up. You also followed up with me the day she was shipped and then several times after making sure she was doing well. You have been there for me if I ever had any questions at all and I really appreciate that. Again, I just want to thank you so much, you made the whole process totally painless!

Kuchen Glazier

She is still an itty bitty thing at a whopping two pounds!


They enjoy running outside and inside.  We did rename them, the large one is Curly and the little one is Moe. Curly and Moe. We call them the boys. I'm sure glad we took both of them, they are so attached to each other I don't think they would have made it without each other. Yes you made use us as a reference on your website.

 Carla and Bill Vanhook    Thanks to Carla and Bill of Red Oak, OK.

Chloe and Ryleigh

Kutchen and Lola

Below is Zoey   Lola's sis from the same litter Chili and Handsome.

To whom it may concern: 

I am writing this letter in regards to Michelle"Chelle" Cecil with Highland Hills Chihuahuas. I recently purchased a puppy from Chelle and was especially delighted with every aspect of the experience. She was very knowledgeable with the breed and answered every one of the million questions that I asked. Once my husband and I make the decision to buy our puppy it was then that Chelle really shined. Because we live in California our puppy needed to be shipped by airplane. Once Chelle got our money order the airlines first opening was not for 10 days and as a future anxious owners this time was torture for us to wait. Chelle really understood that we were both really eager to get our puppy. So everyday she sent us updates, pictures and videos of our puppy along with frequent phone conversations. I was also was very nervous about the flight, but as soon as I got him at the airport he acted like I was his mom right away. From the moment I brought him home and everywhere that I went he loved everyone. He is very well socialized and played with everyone he came in contact with. Even after months of owning our puppy Seamus, Chelle and I still talk occasionally and I am put at ease knowing I will always have her knowledge is a phone call away. Chelle's first priority it making sure that puppies go to excellent homes and that made me feel comforted that she cared so much. Chelle made this enormously important to own a Chihuahua a comforting experience. In our email and shopping online society we take risks and often we are taken advantage of. With Chelles' trustworthy business ethic she has put faith in me that people/businesses online can be trusted.... Our Puppy Seamus is more like a child to us and if we every wanted a second I would only deal with Chelle at Highland Hills Chihuahuas. 

Johnny and Elizabeth Wilson

John and Joan Malia

Placerville, Ca.....

(530) 644-0704

Very good friends and excellent breeders of smooth coat chihuahuas and exotic birds. Check out their

For those looking for a wonderful Chihuahua,

I had been looking for a Chihuahua for quite some time, with no luck. It was also important to me to find someone who showed their Chihuahuas. I decided to get in touch with the Northern California breeder and referral service. I was given Michelle's name even though she has moved out of state.
I got on Michelle's web site and immediately saw a pup I was interested in. However, they were to young at the time. Several weeks later to my surprise she contacted me to let me know the one I was interested in was available. I was ecstatic!

Highland Hills Chihuahuas References Page

To Whom This May Concern,
I am writing this letter of referral in regards to Michelle "Chelle" Cecil with Highland Hills Chihuahuas.  To be honest I was not comfortable at first with the thought of buying a chihuahua from a website.  But Chelle worked well with us. She answered every question we had and sent us up to date photos of Chloe the chihuahua we purchased from her.  She is very well knowledgeable of what she does.  Chelle is very concerned about if her puppies are going to a good home.  Which was a big plus for me. It showed me that she really cares about all of chihuahuas she has.  She also likes to keep in touch with the new family of the puppy.  So that she know that the family and the puppy has adjusted well with each other.  We had to have our puppy shipped to us.  She called let us know the puppy had boarded the plane and also had us call her to let her know that the puppy had arrived safely.  Chloe, the puppy we purchased is very loveable and playful.  We got Chloe for our daughter. She took up really well with her and the rest of our family. If you want a great breed of chihuahua and a great new addition to your family call Michelle "Chelle" Cecil with Highland Hills Chihuahuas.  Cause I know we will if we ever decide to purchase another chihuahua..   Thank you Chelle for such a wonderful experience and a great puppy..  Keep up the hard work you do..  Keep in touch..
Thank you,
Jerry, Tammy & Ryleigh Crowder​