I just want to say how positive the whole experience was, buying our precious Phoebe from you.  From reading your website and talking with you on the phone, it was apparent that you really care about your dogs and I’m so glad we were able to get our puppy from you.  Phoebe is now a much loved member of our family. She has bonded very well with both Allan and me and is a very loving, sweet-natured dog.  She has met our 8 year old grandson, and was very friendly with him.  My adult son came over for dinner, and she went to him like she had known him forever.  She has found a forever home with our family.

As I reported to you earlier, the initial Vet visit went well. Phoebe is in perfect health and everyone at the Vet’s office offered to take her home with them – she’s just irresistible!  She is a very smart dog and has been very easy to litter box train.  

Thank you again for such a positive experience and such a beautiful dog! (I’ve enclosed a picture of her, playing with some of her toys.)


Angela Large


Letter from a colleague

Without the generosity of Chelle with Highland Hills Chihuahua's - I wouldn't be where I am with my dogs today. I have known Chelle since early 2000 - we were attending AKC confirmation shows regularly. I was a newcomer and Chelle was one of the very few who took me under her wing and helped me understand the show ring. Since then, we both have moved to other states - I started a family and was unable to continue showing for a few years. Chelle and I continued to stay in contact. I expressed the want to return to Chihuahua's both in the show ring and limited breeding. Chelle immediately and graciously helped me - I got Stella from her and Chewey! Both BEAUTIFUL! She was even so kind to co-breed a litter with me to help start my own line. I now call Chelle for any concerns regarding my dogs. The number of years of experience Chelle has is unreplaceable! I trusted Chelle and know her breeding program was nothing but top notch. She CARES for her dogs - to where I know she has had many sleepless nights nursing a pup or caring for an elderly one. I know that if I have a doggy emergency at 2 am in the morning - I can call Chelle and she will wake right up and be right there with me- helping me through whatever the situation is! That is unsurpassed DEDICATION to the breed and wellbeing for the dogs! 

There are many breeders out there who are into the breed, any breed, for the wrong reason - Chelle's dogs are her life. I would have no problem recommending her as an ethical breeder with beautiful dogs who will go beyond to help you. I guarantee you - if you are lucky enough to get a puppy from Highland Hills, you will have a friend for life!

Stephanie Saenz

Doubletake Chihauhua's


12-4-17  update pix of Patron thank you Stephanie for thinking of me and letting me know that Patron is doing well

Stephanie Lopez from Victorville California 

Patron is a great dog! I live in California and I was a little worried about purchasing a puppy from another state, however, you made the process very easy and simple. When I had a question you answered them all. I am very satisfied and Patron is a very playful and well tempered dog. He is still very tiny, he is 2.5 pounds at 20 weeks. He loves to play with the other dogs and he is very spoiled! I take him everywhere with me and he loves climbing on my shoulder when I'm driving. Patron is perfect! 

Thank You  

Howdy Chelle!


Very nice to hear from you!

Pixie is an absolute delight!  She is cute-as-can-be, packed with personality-plus!  She is incredibly intelligent.  She loves to zip through the house at warp-speed, puts her ears back and off she goes!  Just too cute!  During her "bad puppy" moments, she attacks the kitchen throw rugs :(  She has bonded with our senior, black lab, Bella, who is a gentle, laid-back soul.  Bella is a good mentor since she is so calm and well-mannered.  (Bella was dumped at our gate a little over 2 years ago.  I still can't believe someone dumped such an old, wonderful dog.) 

Pixie had no problem adjusting to the Diamond Natural Puppy Feed.  The reason I changed over is because there were no places close-by that sold the brand you gave us.  But we are pleased with the Diamond Natural since it contains meat as the first ingredient, no corn, no wheat, no soy, no preservatives.  She has access to the kibble all day long and then twice-a-day, I give her a bit of chicken, scrambled egg or oatmeal, all of which she loves.

Take care and know that Pixie is just a wonderful addition to our lives!  We're looking forward to growing old with her!

Kim and Leo Baca have decided on another addition to their loving home.

Hi Chelle,                                                1-26-12

As you can see from the photo, Ivy and Cricket are doing fine. Cricket has the perfect personality for my family. Everyone thinks she is darling – which she is. It was a pleasure to work with you on getting the puppy to me here inUtah. She arrived from Oklahoma in perfect health and hasn’t stopped playing since that day.  Thank you for Cricket and for the good experience I had arranging for her move.Lynn   

IVY   and    CRICKET

Hi Chelle.

Here’s a long overdue review that you can post.

I wanted to let you know the precious treasure Chavez has been to us over these past seven months! We renamed him to Xavier, or Xavi for short. We love him so much! He’s so full of energy and personality!

This is the second Chihuahua we have adopted from you. The first was our precious Rico, who passed away in December after 12 years of joy. We were heartbroken! He was always very healthy and we took him everywhere with us! 

We were excited to find you in Oklahoma, and that Xavi was part of Rico’s lineage. We knew it was meant to be! There was no other breeder we would consider, because we know from experience how healthy your puppies are, and how well you care for them. You also care a lot about the homes your pups will go into. You ask good questions to make sure the puppy will be a good fit in their new environment. You care for new owners too, keeping us informed while we waited for Xavi to be old enough to adopt. We received phone calls and text messages with updates. You sent weekly videos of him playing with his litter-mate that we watched over and over and over again! You helped us to feel connected to this little guy, weeks before we actually got him home.

We were concerned about getting him to California by air, especially with a change in flights in Dallas. You were quite patient with us and explained the whole process. You use only the carriers and specific flights that will be easiest on these tiny travelers. Xavi arrived in CA in his special carrier, very excited to see us! He was wagging his tail and bonding with us immediately!

Over the past seven months with us, he has developed quite a cute personality. He makes us smile, every day! He loves brushing his teeth, begging for treats and playing catch with toys. He loves running on the beach!
Thank you so much for our precious little boy! May God bless you for all the care you give to every Chihuahua you breed! We know you love them as much as we do, and it shows in the confidence and personality they develop as they grow.
Best wishes,   Jerry and Kathy S.

Lili at first vet check and meeting her new Mommie 
for the first time at the Airport

Dear Chelle:

It is always such a pleasure to work with you.  Once again, you have provided to me the perfect pup.

As it was the first time 15 years ago when I spoke with you even when you had no puppies available, you kept in touch with me frequently.  As you know with the passing of my first Chihuahua Lucy who my husband I purchased from you 13 years earlier, there was a big hole in my heart with her passing.  After all those years, I tracked you down to where you moved to in Oklahoma because I wanted another “Chelle” pup.  I knew the quality of your puppies and what your breeding practices are, and I also know what a hands-on breeder you are because you care for each and every one of your animals with love.  When a puppy gets this start in life, they make wonderful additions to any home.  Anyone who acquires one or more of you dogs always gets a great pet and always has you to contact should questions of any type come up.

My new pup LiLi arrived safe and sound on United Airlines as you use their Pet-Safe transportation program.  I was very concerned about the conditions my LiLi would travel in, especially because she had to change planes.  I should have known how thoroughly you research the best and safest method to transport a puppy across country.  When I took her out of her travel crate at the pickup counter, I was greeted by the most adorable 2 pound puppy.  You had sent me pictures of her from the time she was born until she was ready to leave her mom and three brothers.  She now has her own photo album just like any baby does.  Since the first puppy I purchased from you in 1999 was local and I could visit and see her often, the pictures you sent me of LiLi made me feel like I was right there.  I fell in love with her long distance.

To anyone wishing to purchase a quality puppy for their home and family, I cannot recommend Michelle “Chelle” Cecil and her Highland Hills facility highly enough.  For everyone who cannot actually visit her to see how clean and well-cared for her dogs are, I can assure you that you would be impressed.  I have had the pleasure of doing so in the past and sought her out once again to provide me with my great pet companion.  If anyone wishes to contact me directly with questions concerning Chelle, her facility or breeding practices, I would be happy to let you know as much as I can from my own personal experience with her.  My e-mail address is below if you wish to do so.

Thank you Chelle once again for the darling, healthy pup.  I really appreciate her, and also, my ability to stay in contact with you.  She is such a healthy, happy pup that I have changed her name from Highland’s Lady Liliana that I had decided on to Highland’s Joyful Liliana when registering her with the American Kennel Club.

Kathy Hennigan

Coeur d’Alene, ID

Hi Chelle! We want to thank you for a wonderful experience with getting little Link. Even though my husband got us lost on the way to meet with you. You were very patient, understanding and helpful :) We are enjoying Link and he is doing great! He fits into our family perfectly. He loves to run in the backyard and chase the girls around in the grass. He is such a fun little guy. We love him! We will be recommending you to anyone looking for a chihuahua in the future! Thanks again! The Engels


Hi Chelle, 

Monte is fitting in like he has always belonged! He goes with me everywhere I can take him, he's my little side kick. My favorite time of day is when I get home from work, he zooms around the house after he goes out to potty and we settle in for cuddle time on the couch. I know he is gonna be a phenomenal companion for many years to come. Thank you so much for the gift of such a great little boy! I love him so much already :)

Harmony Fall   6-6-11


Chelle,                                      2/11

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for Bandit. He is Awesome. He checked out to be in Great health at the vet visit. I give you and your program TWO THUMBS UP!

He is so darn cute and sweet, we love each other already. We are already connected at the hip!!!

Just thought I would touch base and let you know bandit is a pistol, l love him!I opened the back door last night and there is a bit of snow out
there and he went out and was hopping around  Too Cute, we love him!!

Thank you again


He is the light of our lives. Such a great personality. We attached a picture of him looking up at computer while writing this email the vet check went great we named him Willie  

Hope all is well
Terry and Michele  3-26-11


Dear Chelle

Let me tell you about our Junior.  He has the cutest face!

When I took him to our Vet he was impressed with the records that I brought in with me.  They were very complete and detailed with the dates that he got his shots and the letter from his other vet stating how his health was. He is a little shy and a little scardy cat, but we are working on that.  He is very smart.  I have already taught him to sit, lay down and to sit up.  I am still working on the “come here” part of the training. He is doing very well on the potty training, he is only having a few accidents.  He is the sweetest natured dog, he crawled right into our hearts by the time we got home with him.  It was well worth the 4 hour trip to go and pick him up.  We have an older chi, she has finally started coming around and is starting to like him too.  He is not too pushy with her, he is giving her, her space.  He is very gentle when he plays with her.  We are very happy with our new addition to our family.

The Ozments



Dear Chelle,

Our family was so sad after having to put our 14-year-old Chihuahua to sleep. Our malamute also appeared to be sad looking for his little buddy everywhere. Then Bandito (AKA Dewey) came into our home and filled it with such fun and happiness. He has such a wonderful personality and has many new little friends to play with. He fell in love with his big brother Kobuk. They are inseparable and love to hang out together. Bandito loves to crawl on top of him and digs in his fur while Kobuk watches him. Kobuk stands over Bandito and protects him while he is outside going to the bathroom and is so gentle with him.  I love to sit and watch them play together. I couldn’t have asked for a better puppy for our family. At first I was nervous about buying a puppy on line but after I talked to you I felt so much better and it turned out to be an easy process. Thank you for setting up the flight to Minneapolis, everything went smooth and he didn’t seem scared at all. He came out of his kennel wagging his tail and giving everyone kisses. I would recommend your beautiful puppies to anyone looking for a new member of their family.

Thank you so much!

Lupe Craft

We're so happy with our little Paquito! What a little treasure he is, went from 1.5 lbs to a whopping 2.8 lbs. he's now 4 months old, crate trained, potty trained, and so full of energy. We love him to all get out. Even our vet has a hard time concentrating cuz he’s just too darn cute. Thank you Chelle, he's perfect.

Vicky  Hennekes

Savannah and Colby with Lulu

Dear Chelle
I want to say Thank You for our little precious Lulu. She is very loveable and sweet but will take command when needed. :) Everyone is in love with her! She fit in to our full house of 5 kids and 2 dogs perfect... It is funny to see her chasing our beagle Rosco, who loves her very much. She loves to play and give sweet little kisses. Our Family is now complete!
Everything from day one went Perfect. Communicating with you was very easy and I'm glad you kept in touch through the whole process. Lulu arrived at Logan Airport with no issues minus th flight delay. Her vet check went perfect! She is as healthy as can be. I would recommend buying a chihuahua from you for sure! Again Thank You!
Sincerely, Jennifer F.

Hi Chelle,
We want to thank you for a most positive experience all the way through the steps we took to bring Jose into our lives.  From our first contact you have been very helpful and thoughtful.  The articles you emailed us about hypoglycemia, the sample contract, and pictures of the pups were reassuring. We really enjoyed the video clips you would email us of Jose and his brothers at play.  They became a regular staple of the day until we could come and see him live.
Your property is so peaceful and pretty.  Just a wonderful setting for raising animals, particularly chis.  When you drive up to the house you're greeted by a large pack of happy, playful, curious chihuahuas standing at the fence.  What a hoot!
Kay and I both enjoyed our visit and after we had left we immediately commented on how clean you keep everything.  It's readily apparent that you have the health of the dogs as a first priority.  If you came into the house and kennel blindfolded you would never know that there were dogs on the property.  We took your lead and insist that everyone we let see Jose wash their hands before they get to see him.
Jose is a ball of energy.  Just in the six days since we got him, he has grown more agile and explores all over the house.  His older companions, our two female chihauhuas, have both accepted him and let him play with them (most of the time.)  Our vet declared him a happy, healthy little boy.
We would recommend you to anyone looking for a chihuahua that is sound, healthy, and happy.
Wishing you the best,
Jim and Kay Osborn

I love my job, Jose has a great home and the Osborn's are very happy​

12-4-11  From the Guiles family

Introducing: RICO (he is 5.5 months old and weights 2.7lbs) he will   probably max-out at 3.5lbs.

We thought we would share photos of one of Cameron's "early" gifts this holiday season.

He is potty-trained and content sleeping in his kennel. (And very sociable)

I did I mention, he's from Oklahoma. :)

Hi Chelle,

Sue Sue is doing great!  We have been taking her to the vet for her booster shots.  The first time I took her, when she got her shot, she growled a little bit.  The vet said, 'My goodness!  She's a feisty little one' and we all got tickled.  She weighed one pound two ounces on that visit.  A couple of weeks ago she weighed one pound seven ounces.  She's growing fast!  She has so much character.  The whole living room floor is her playground and she has all kinds of toys.  I wish you could hear her play.  She just rips and romps and growls!  I wish I had just a fraction of all that energy!  We love her very much and are so glad we found you!

I sent you an email a few weeks ago with some pics and a video.  I guess they didn't go through for some reason.  Let me know if you get this and I'll try to send you some more.

Our vet's secretary called some weeks ago and wanted your name and address because there was someone looking for a chi pup.  I gave them your information.  I'm sure it's because they were all impressed with the health and appearance of Sue Sue.  When the vet came in that first visit she said, 'Now that's the way they're supposed to look!'

Reply back soon and let us hear from you!

Larry and Vanessa  Jackson


I just want to let you know how happy we are to have Chico. I wanted to write this as I would not be hesitant to be a referral at all. I found you to be be very professional and knowledgeable in the art of breeding the proper chi's. You have been very helpful in answering any and all questions I had and are very easy to talk to. From the beginning contact to this day you continue to be very helpful and concerned about your puppies and the owners you accept that will placed in perpetual care. Not only do I consider you to be a top shelf breeder but a solid wealth of information and timeless care and consideration to not only your business, but the people who you've made happy with a little slice of heaven you provide. My appreciation is unending for your tireless efforts you put in and the respect you not only you have for your pets but the people who adopt them as well. Few breeders take this as serious as you do, because it seemed to me you were more serious about the breed, the people whom your puppies were going to than making the dollars and that's what sets you apart from everyone else. Your a true professional and am grateful to have found you. If you ever need a referral from me, please have them contact me, at 314-629-7677 as they will be getting the best answers and recommendation they could ever want.

 Sincerely,   Tony Smith

St. Louis, MO


This is Tiny Taco and her new family Father John,  Brooke and Meadow.

Anyways, the puppy is doing really well, she arrived in perfect shape at the Columbus airport, and we just made a road trip out of it on Friday. 

I absolutely love her, have her in my lap at work all day today J  She really bonded with my daughters over the weekend, and I have to say that she is a really special little pup.  They named her “Tiny Taco”.  Couldn’t possibly be happier with her. 


I rarely write a recommendation, but feel compelled to write one for Chelle Cecil of Highland Hills Chihuahua’s.  I happened to run across one of her pups on and reached out to her.  Best thing I’ve even done!  We needed to find a best friend for our little Josie and Rocky is just the ticket!  He’s a bright, alert applehead pup and we are over the moon in love with him!  Chelle is located in OK and we are in WI, and she arranged for a puppy transport company to bring him to us at a very reasonable price, not to mention we were kept informed the entire way! I can whole heartedly recommend this conscientious breeder and if I could talk my husband into a 3rd Chihuahua, I would not hesitate to return to her!   Our new baby boy is Rocky black and tan.
Russ and Holly Kangas


 Thank You for my precious little boy  
   Pamela Smith 

To Michelle Cecil at Highland Hills Chihuahuas…
I received my beautiful Pip last week. She is only 15oz and full of pep. Michelle Cecil was easy to do business with and has beautiful pups.
I used a carrier through Citizen Shipper to have her delivered to me in Ky.
I am very happy with my new addition.
Charley C.


son of Weaver and Cleo

he will be neutered by my vet on 4-11-11

and then he will be picked up by Kim and Leo


Well it has now been one week with Rico.  He has been a joy to our family already.  He only had one accident with his 1and2 when he first got here and now he is going outside all the time.  Cameron takes him for a walk around 12:30 each day (on his lunch break).  We all love him.  He is part of the family now. Chelle Thank you again!

After months of grieving the loss of my last Chihuahua, I decided it was time to look for a puppy, and a responsible Chihuahua breeder. In doing much research online and talking to different Chihuahua breeders, it became apparent that Chelle Cecil was most definitely the most knowledgeable. She was so thorough with my new puppy's records, because she wanted to make certain that my veterinarian had all of the important information that she would need. Chelle also made it clear that she would be available to answer any questions or concerns that I might have regarding my new baby girl. My precious Chihuahua puppy is perfect! She is SO pretty, and has the sweetest and most loving personality. I have already told Chelle that if she ever has another puppy to sell, with my Sara's coloring and disposition, to please let me know. 


After the loss of our beloved fur baby we finally decided it was time to add a new addition to our Chi family! Chelle was awesome with her advice and guidance. We really appreciate her taking the time to help us find the perfect puppy to fit our family! Our sweet Jasmine is now approaching her first Birthday and she is healthy, happy, and has the sweetest disposition! When we first got her she was a little shy and Chelle was so helpful with tips on how to properly socialize her! Now she makes friends and enjoys cuddles everywhere she goes!
I would highly recommend Chelle to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable and responsible breeder of Chihuahuas!

Thanks again Chelle!

xoxo Kelli Molitor (also, Jasmine, Tiara, & Lily)

First, thank you so very much for providing us with such a wonderful family member! Freyja (formerly Moana) has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives -- we couldn't have asked for a better dog.

For those considering purchasing a puppy from you, they can rest assured they are making the right choice in selecting you as a breeder. You demonstrated so much knowledge and obvious love and care for your dogs; and you happily, and patiently, answered the barrage of questions I had both before and after I purchased Freyja. Admittedly, I was initially very nervous, but after numerous e-mails, text messages, pictures, videos, and phone calls, I felt confident I was making the right decision.
It's only be about three weeks since Freyja came to us, but it feels as though she's been a part of our family forever
So an update on the last several weeks, as she approaches 3 months of age:
Everyone Frey meets falls in love with her and comments on what a wonderful disposition she has. We've exposed her to many different situations, and she's handled all of them remarkably well. Car rides? No problem. Vet visits? Not even a wince when she received her second booster shot.  We've even sneaked her into a movie theatre, and have taken her to restaurants and never been reprimanded when we've been caught...her cuteness allows us, and her, to get away with a lot...
Frey is relatively unfazed by strangers, and she seems to love having her picture taken by the many people who stop us on the street when we're out (I swear she poses for the camera), and she even delivers kisses to them...She's quite a little celebrity! Small children don't bother her much either; and she doesn't really pay much attention to other dogs...though, admittedly, a curious hamster in a pet store startled her a bit, which we found amusing.
A neighbour who trains service dogs suggested when Frey is old enough we may want to consider having her volunteer for a service role, based on her very calm, sweet, and gentle demeanour, particularly around strangers. A lovely compliment for a puppy nearing just 3 months of age!
Frey is also learning basic commands very quickly. She learned "sit" in the span of about 20 minutes, and she will now do this without a treat. She even sits and stays politely for her meals. Her pad training is going well, especially given that I don't crate her. I also take her to bed with me at night and she hasn't had an accident so far; when I feel her moving around (maybe once or twice throughout the course of a night), I just take her to her pad, then it's back to bed.
We're so in love and impressed with this little girl, and we now can't imagine our lives without her.

Thank you again!
Your friend from Toronto, Canada

Lynnette Torok      11-20-16

Hello Chelle

These are delightful people that I have had the pleasure of meeting and get to  know.I am so appreciative to have them send me references/referrals.When I receive feed back like this it makes what I do a total gift.I have provided them with a healthy happy well adjusted forever new member of the family.It doesn't get better than this!!!


​I was worried about buying a puppy on line. But Chelle delivered everything she promised and more. Blue is a healthy and happy puppy, he gets along with my other Chihuahua. I would recommend Chelle to anyone wanting a baby. 


Just wanted to give you an update on Tiramisu, formerly Suzy, down here in Texas.
She is doing great! She has a great personality and gets along with our 3 yr old Mia quite well.  She just passed the 2lb mark at 4 months old. I often call her my little monster because she comes out of nowhere and bites toes (teething time!) Tiramisu is in excellent health and has no fear, the staff at my vets office just loves her. Thank you again for this little girl. -Jamie